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Welcome to Star Integrated


A group of well trained, dedicated and committed doctors with the experience of more than 35 years, formed together to establish STAR INTEGRATED SUPER SPECIALITY CLINICS. Their main aim is to bring traditional systems which are scientifically proved to the majority of the public in an innovative and improvised way. The well popularized and familiarized systems like Ayurveda, yoga, massage therapy, Homoeopathy, psychological counseling, Nutrition Dental etc. etc. are now being brought forward under one roof in modern, suitable and result oriented way for the requirement of present moderrn community. By identifying the basic cause of many chronic health problems to cure without surgery in a aparticular

duration of time is the speciality of these clinics.

The main intention of founders is to expand these services from cities to even towns and villages of India and abroad. Presently these are working mainly in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka with 160 doctors in 16 branches. The teams of doctors are highly experienced and skilled and research oriented. All are qualified(with MD., and Phds’) and the awardees of Gold medals and recognized by public and Govt. authorities. Some of these doctors are even globally experienced.

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